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Cycling guide Tenerife

Group and private road cycling tours


Guided road cycling tour/s Tenerife

Miguel Gelders

Guided cycling tour/s Tenerife


These tours offer you a well guided road cycling tour/s of the Island of Tenerife, created especially for the well-trained and passionate roadcyclist.
Choose your favourite route from a variety of daily road bike tours I offer or opt for the road cycling week, and while cycling, I will show you the beauty of the island of eternal spring.
Please be honest in judging your experience: though you don’t need to be a pro, these tours require you to be well-trained as in you cycle for at least two or more times per week.
This translates into fitness to continue to cycle after hill climbs, without stopping for regular breaks.
This of course is not just to make your own experience better, but also as a sign of respect towards the fellow cyclists in the group.
The slogan:
“It isn’t a race but JUST CYCLING”

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